ROUND is a piano solo album identifiable in a pop / contemporary style.

His musical language is clear, direct and intense: the fusion of a very strong classical formation and the passion for pop-electronic music come together in ten literally explosive songs (plus an encore). 

Started in New York, recorded and produced in Milan with the collaboration of sound designer Alessandro La Cava, Round has been inaugurated and promoted on 19th May on Spazio Nour art gallery in collaboration with Piano City, organized by Professor Francesca Iervese and Spazio Nour team. 

Publishing Garden Blaze Records. 

Social networks have the task of connecting people all over the world. In this case, the dj Deland Beatz asked Jerome to join this idea of a new song, more precisely a deep house song with some ambient atmospheres, all based on piano melody. They didn’t realize how awesome this song could be, then they recorded an official video and released with BlancoyNegro records.

This is “Moonlight”.

All of this journey started with a chord progression that Jerome had in mind some time ago in a different idea. So before Covid Jerome & FLUXUS were in studio producing this idea, and when they realized that the 6/8 rhythm worked they already knew what would have happened.So Jerome wrote the top line and FLUXUS worked on the sound design, then they asked to Darren Fewins to join them: from New York to Milan it finally came up TWO SIDED.

It sounds smooth, pop, catchy, and you will love it.

Hoop Records Label. 

From the collaboration with talented producer FLUXUS it’s born The Way Out, a future bass song interpreted by the singer Diemama, released and promoted by HOOP RECORDS label.

The strong collaboration with the sound designer Alessandro La Cava also known as Alex Van Hool brings to several works like Your Land and Slip on me, interpreted by the singer Panis Anbar